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Hot Appetizer


Indian Pancakes (Roti Canai) (2)  5.50   

Roti canai or traditional Malaysian-Indian

pancakes served with spicy curry potato sauce.


Grilled Chicken Satay  6.95   

Skewers of Chicken with slightly spicy peanut sauce


Saigon Spring Roll  6.50

Fresh crabmeat, pork and clear noodles, deep-fried and served

with Vietnamese dipping sauce


Vegetables Spring Roll  4.50

Mixed vegetable wrapped with rice paper, fried


Crabmeat Pancakes  5.95

Pan-fried pancakes with crabmeat, scallions, served

with sweet and sour, gingerly flavor sauce


Spinach Dumpling   6.50

Stuffed with steamed chicken and vegetables.


Dumpling   5.95

Chopped pork & mixed vegetables served with ginger

scallion sauce


Vegetables Dumpling  6.50

Pan-fried chopped mixed vegetables served with ginger scallion sauce


Crabmeat Rangoon  6.50

Fried wonton filled with crabmeat and cream cheese


Crispy Shrimp Wonton   6.50

Crispy wonton filled with chopped shrimp


Calamari   7.95

Fried calamari served with homemade spicy miracle sauce


Gado Gado Salad   6.95

Assorted crunchy steamed vegetables, tofu and fried cracker served

with peanut sauce


Bali Tofu  6.50

Deep fried tofu served with honey peanut sauce


Scallion Pancakes   4.95

Pan-fried pancakes with scallions, served with sweet and sour,

gingerly flavor sauce


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Cold Appetizer n Salad



Young Ginger Salad   6.50

Young ginger roots, carrot, cabbage, peanut and sesame seeds

tossed with Thai dressing.


Cold Sesame Noodles   5.95

Cold egg noodles served with sesame dressing and organic

mixed salad.


Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Roll   5.95

Shrimp, shredded papaya, mango, cucumber, lettuce, peanut and basil wrapped with fresh rice paper. Served with plum sauce, no fried.


Edamame    4.50

Steamed whole green soy bean pods.


Asian Crunchy Salad    5.95

Cabbage, Lettuce, crispy noodles, peanut, carrot tossed with peanut dressing, topped with crispy rice stick. (Add Grilled chicken extra $4)


Seaweed Salad   5.95

Marinated seaweed with sesame seed.


Tropical Salad   7.50

Mango, papaya, red onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and

basil tossed in garlic-lime dressing.

( Add Shrimp extra $2 )


Squid Salad   7.95

Steamed squid, scallion, onion and cilantro. Tossed with spicy lime dressing. Served over organic spring mixed salad.


Sunomono   5.50

Cooked shrimp, seaweed, cucumber in light rice vinaigrette dressing.


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Miso Soup   3.50

Bean paste broth with tofu, seaweed and sprinkle with scallions.


Hot & Sour Soup  3.50

Shredded tofu, duck strips, mushroom and bamboo shoots.


Chicken Wonton Soup   3.50

Steamed chicken wonton with clear broth.


Tom Yum Chicken Soup    4.50

Spicy and sour soup with lemongrass. ( Shrimp Extra $ 1 ).


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Add Chicken, Beef or Pork Extra $1

Shrimp(3) Extra $4.5


Vegetable Tempura   10.95

Mixed vegetables lightly battered, deep-fried, served with tempura dipping


Spinach   9.95

Lightly sautéed with garlic.


Combination Vegetables with Tofu    9.95

Mixed fresh vegetables and crispy tofu with garlic sauce.


Vegetables Hot Pot    9.95

Napa, scallions, carrots, tofu, bean thread noodles in

bean paste broth ( Mild or Spicy ).


Moo-Shi Vegetables     9.95

Stir-fried shredded vegetables served with pancake and

plum dressing.


Wrinkled String Bean     9.95

Stir-fried string bean with Szechuan preserved vegetables.


Eggplant     9.95

Eggplant  with slightly spicy garlic sauce, tossed with scallion.


Raja Mushroom     11.95

Skewers of king mushroom grilled to perfection and glazed with home-made sauce.


Shiitake with Goji Berry     12.95

Crispy shiitake mushroom tossed with basil and tangerine sauce topped with goji berry.





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Banana Leaves Rice   13.95

Spicy shrimp, curry chicken, egg, peanut, cucumber,

onions served with coconut rice wrapped in banana leaf.


Crispy Garlic Shrimp  13.95

Jumbo shrimp lightly battered and stir-fried with spiced salt

and garlic, served over organic spring mixed salad.


Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura   15.95

Deep fried Jumbo shrimp and vegetables in light batter.

Served with tempura dipping sauce.


Sesame Shrimp   13.95

Crispy shrimp coated with tangy sauce, served with broccoli

and topped with sesame  seed.


General Tso’s Chicken ( Sautéed Available )  11.95

Crispy chicken coated with spicy tangy sauce.


Thai Stir-Fried Basil Leaves   10.95

Garlic, onion, basil leave. Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Vegetables

( Shrimp Extra $ 2 ).


Crispy Peel Beef   13.95

Crispy beef tossed with spicy tangerine peel sauce.


Black Pepper Steak   15.95

New York strip, pan-seared with black pepper and fresh lemongrass served over organic spring mixed salad.


Kung Pao Chicken    11.95

Chicken breast sautéed with golden roasted peanuts, green

and red peppers and scallions.


BaBa Curry    10.95

Spicy Melaka style blended spice paste with coconut milk, onion & potato served with rice. Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Vegetable

 ( Shrimp Extra $ 2 ).


Miracle Shrimp   13.95

Jumbo shrimp with spicy miracle sauce served with cold sesame noodles and organic spring mixed salad..


Spicy Seafood Hot Pot   12.95

Shrimp, squid, scallops, napa, scallion, carrots, tofu, bean thread

noodles in bean paste broth.


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Noodles n Fried Rice


Vegetables Version Available


Makmak Spicy Noodles Soup   10.95

Spicy & sour noodlrs soup with coconut milk, cucumber, lime,

scallion, cilantro and tomato served with chicken.

 (Shrimp Extra $2).


Pad See Ew   9.95

Stir-fried flat noodles with egg,  bean

sprout and broccoli. Choice of Chicken, Pork or Vegetable

 (Beef Extra $1 and Shrimp or Combination Extra $2).


Malaysia Mee Goreng   9.95

Spicy stir-fried egg noodles with cabbage, onion, tofu and bean

sprout. Choice of Chicken, Pork or Vegetable

 (Beef Extra $1 and Shrimp or Combination Extra $2).


Drunken Noodles   9.95

Flat noodles topped with stir-fried minced chicken in aromatic basil sauce with peppers and onions.

(Beef Extra $1 and Shrimp or Combination Extra $2).


Honey Peanut Noodles   9.95

Steamed chicken and spinach in coconut milk served with

honey peanut sauce over chicken, egg noodles and rice noodles.


Lo Mein    9.95

Stir-fried egg noodles. Choice of Chicken, Pork or Vegetable

(Beef Extra $1 and Shrimp or Combination Extra $2).


Singapore Noodles    10.95

Stir-fried rice vermicelli with shrimp, roast pork, scallion,

green chili and bean sprout.


Pad Thai Chicken    9.95

Stir-fried rice stick noodles with tofu, egg, bean sprout

and peanut (Beef Extra $1 and Shrimp or Combination Extra $2).


Teppanyaki Noodles    10.95

Crispy noodles with vegetables, mushroom in light gravy.

Choice of chicken, vege or pork (Beef Extra $1 and Shrimp or Combination Extra $2).



Curry Laksa    10.95

Northern Malaysia noodles soup with exotic Asian spices and

coconut milk with chicken, fried tofu, egg noodles and rice noodles.


Tom Yum Noodles Soup    10.95

Spicy lemongrass soup with chicken, mushroom, bean sprout

and scallion, served with rice noodles (Beef Extra $1 and Shrimp or Combination Extra $2).


Spinach Wonton Noodles Soup    10.95

Clear chicken broth with chicken wonton and roasted pork

served with thin egg noodles.


Chinese Fried Rice   9.95

Choice of chicken, Pork or Vegetable (Beef Extra $1 and Shrimp or Combination Extra $2).


Thai Style Fried Rice   9.95

Choice of chicken, Pork or Vegetable (Beef Extra $1 and Shrimp or Combination Extra $2).


Fried Brown Rice   10.95

Choice of chicken, Pork or Vegetable (Beef Extra $1 and Shrimp or Combination Extra $2).


Grilled Chicken Noodles Soup   10.95

Marinated grilled lemongrass chicken with clear broth, cilantro and onions.


Basmati Pineapple Fried Rice (spicy)     12.95

Spicy India basmati rice stired-fried with fresh crabmeat, pineapple,

cashew nut, raisin and goji berry.




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Grilled Lemongrass Chicken   12.95

Marinated chicken with spices and fresh lemon juice.


Grilled Honey Peanut Shrimp   13.95

Marinated jumbo shrimp with honey served over rice vermicelli.


Grilled Honey Peanut Tofu   10.95

Grilled tofu topped with honey peanut sauce


Grilled Honey Peanut Chicken   11.95

Grilled and Marinated chicken breast with honey peanut sauce on a bed of egg noodles.


Grilled Seafood Teriyaki   17.95

Jumbo shrimp, scallop, squid, salmon grilled and glazed with homemade teriyaki sauce.


Grilled Steak Teriyaki   15.95

Grilled NY steak marinated with lightly spiced sauce.


Grilled Salmon Teriyaki   14.95

Fillet of fresh salmon with teriyaki sauce


Grilled Chicken Teriyaki    12.95

Chicken breast grilled to perfection and glazed with homemade

teriyaki sauce.


Grilled Combination Vegetables & Tofu    10.95

Mixed fresh vegetables and crispy tofu in homemade

teriyaki sauce.



Pepperly Chicken on Vermicelli  12.95

Grilled pepperly chicken, shredded vegetables, fried shallot, peanut, basil & cilantro, served with rice vermicelli.



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Nigiri Sushi


Mackerel   2.25

Snow Crab   2.25

Masago   2.25

Octopus   2.25

Squid  2.25

Cooked Shrimp   2.25

Surf Clam   2.25

Seasoned Bean Curd   2.25

Tamago  2.25

Red Snapper   2.25

Tobiko  2.50

Salmon Roe   2.50

Salmon Roe w/ Quail Egg   3.25

Smoked Salmon   2.50

Tuna   2.50

Fresh Salmon   2.50

BBQ Eel   2.75

Yellow Tail   2.95

Uni   3.25

Spicy Scallop   3.25

Fresh Scallop  3.25



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Avocado Roll   4.50

Cucumber Roll   4.50

California Roll    4.95

California with Masago   5.50

California with Fresh Crabmeat   6.50

BBQ Eel with Cucumber    5.50

Fresh Salmon and Scallion   5.50

Yellow Tail and Scallion   5.50

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese   5.50

Salmon Skin and Scallion   5.50

Tuna and Avocado   5.95

Spicy Tuna Roll   5.95

Spicy Tuna with Masago   6.50

Vegetables Tempura Roll    5.95

Spicy Scallop Roll   6.50

Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll    6.50

Spicy Crunchy Yellow Tail Roll    6.50

Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Roll    6.50

Spicy Crunchy Salmon Roll    6.50

Soft Shell Crab Roll   6.95

Shrimp Tempura Roll   7.50


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Chef Special Maki-Roll


Crazy Roll   12.95

Crispy roll with BBQ eel, crabmeat and cream cheese


Rainbow Roll    12.95

Salmon, tuna, red snapper, BBQ eel, cucumber and avocado.


Dragon Roll    12.95

Spicy crunchy tuna and avocado.


Dancing Eel Roll    12.95

BBQ eel, crabstick, masago, avocado and cucumber.


Vegetable Assortment   12.95

Avocado roll, cucumber roll and vegetable tempura roll.


Rock n' Roll   12.95

Spicy tuna, masago, green onion dizzled with unagi sauce.


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Sushi Entrees


Sushi Premium   12.95

Tuna, salmon, mackerel, red snapper  and California Roll.


Sushi Deluxe   16.95

Tuna, salmon, red snapper, yellow tail, mackerel, BBQ eel and

California roll.


Sushi Grand   19.95

Tuna, salmon, flounder, yellow tail, mackerel, BBQ eel, cooked

Shrimp, surf clam and  California Roll.


Chirashi-Zushi   18.95

Assortment of Fresh Fish over sushi rice.


Unagidon   15.95

BBQ  eel on sushi  rice.


Sashimi Deluxe   21.95

yellow tail, tuna, salmon and white fish.


Tuna Lover   20.95

4 pcs Tuna nigiri sushi, 4 pcs Tuna nigiri sashimi and spicy crunchy tuna roll.


Salmon Lover   20.95

4 pcs Fresh Salmon nigiri sushi, 4 pcs Salmon sashimi and smoked salmon & cream cheese roll.



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Yaya Crepes (2)   5.50

Coconut string sweetened with brown sugar wrapped inside rice flour omelette flavored with pandan leaves


Mango with Sticky Rice   5.95

Warm sticky rice tossed with sweetened coconut milk and

served with fresh mango.


Honey Fried Banana    5.50

Lightly battered banana, deep-fried to perfection, glazed

with honey and sprinkled with peanuts.


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Japanese Iced Green Tea Latte  3.50

Mixed Fruits 3.95

Thai Iced Coffee  3.50

Thai Iced Tea   3.50

Soda (can)   1.50

Fresh Lemonade   2.95

Unsweetened Iced Tea   2.50

Lychee Tropical Drink   3.50


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